Universidade da Madeira

UMA is associated and founder member of the Centro de Empresas e Inovação da Madeira / Madeira Business Innovation Centre (CEIM) / (BIC) from 1997. Its main aim is to encourage the creation of small and medium firms by bringing entrepreneurship to life, highlighting modernization and business innovation.

CEIM/BIC Madeira is a consolidated organisation in the field of advising and SMEs mentoring that aims to provide support, helping to create conditions that will favour the appearance of micro/small businesses, by bringing to life entrepreneurship, modernization and business innovation. Main services offered are the following:

  • Incubation facilities.
  • Entrepreneurs services (business plan, advising and mentoring).
  • Consultancy services (feasibility study, technical, economic and financial company analyses, advising and mentoring).
  • Applications to support programs with regional, national or European funding.
  • National and international co-operation (regional and European contacts networks, fomenting new partnerships).
  • Regional and local development.
  • Industrial property rights (support to industrial property rights, licensing, disclosure agreements, etc).
  • Process of protecting industrial property.

UMA has developed 2 relevant extra-curricular activities in the promotions of entrepreneurship and innovation among students in partnership with CEIM/BIC, namely:

1) The Road Show for Entrepreneurship, where students have taught courses in Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation, the goal is to encourage and promote the entrepreneurial spirit among students;

2) The StartWEB, where students can participate in a competition through the development of a business idea in the areas of programming, design, information technology and management.

UMA has also developed a Business Simulation Project in partnership with the University of Aveiro, where students had the opportunity to manage a company in a virtual market.

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