Uniwersytet Szczecinski

The University of Szczecin, founded over 30 years ago, may boast itself on the fact that it is West Pomerania’s largest university. The city and university are located in direct geographical and cultural proximity to Germany (ca. 150 kilometers from Berlin) and within 100-kilometer distance from the Baltic Sea. Szczecin is often referred to as the “Paris of the North” due to its original urban design, i.e. distinctive star-shaped squares and roundabouts. The city is especially valued for its green spaces; there are plenty of parks and lush green squares.

The University of Szczecin is the most important HEI in the West Pomerania region. It consists of 11 faculties.

The University was one of the Polish first institutions joining the Erasmus Program, having also adapted other international programs. As a result, we are now cooperating with a number of foreign HEIs in the field of students and staff mobility.

Our guests receive vast organizational and legal support from the US International Office. In addition, incoming students are also supported by local ESN aiming to facilitate their integration with local society. Foreign students may attend language courses organized by the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners. The Main Library of Szczecin University with additional 11 library units spread through the city holds resources of over 1350000 volumes. Students can also participate in over 100 local thematic associations, theatre groups, music teams, choir and sport clubs.

University of Szczecin reinforces the entrepreneurship and innovation by creating courses focused on these specific subjects using creative and innovative methods of teaching. Our staff is experienced in creating case studies together with the business enterprises using innovative tools. University of Szczecin is not only an educational institution but a knowledge and technology transfer center as well which aims at integrating business, scientific and educational values in the innovative way.
Currently the University of Szczecin has 15 378 registered students, 538 PhD students and 1 100 academic staff employed.

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