Universite de Gabes

Gabes University is a public institution, includes 15 HEIs (1 faculty of Sciences, 1 higher Engineering school, 13 institutes), located in the South-East District of Tunisia. The courses offered are included in the LMD system since 2006 and making graduates and post-graduates in:

  • 36 applied Licenses.
  • 26 fundamental Licenses.
  • 17 Master and 25 Professional Masters.
  • Three preparatory cycles for engineering studies.
  • Five Engineers Diploma in: Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical-Automatic Engineering, Communication and Network Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
  • Six Doctorates (Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Bilogy, Mathematics and Geosciences).

Fields of Studies:

Sciences and Engineering, Computer science, Economics, Law and Management, Humanities and Social sciences.
The number of students at Gabes University reached 18000 students (2015-2016), and a potential teachers and researchers is 1620. The number of administrative and technical staff is 710.

Research laboratory and units cover various area of research embracing about 20 research teams.
The university has developed a human resources strategy in order to adapt staff skills to activities. The university has also participated in several projects aimed at quality assurance and environment partnership.

The local economy activities are focused on diversified agriculture (oasis products, biological products, geothermal agriculture,fishing,), energy, chemistry, minerals and georessources (petrol, natural gaz, fertilizers, blenders, detergents, manufacturing, foodindustry,…). The region is also known by its highly developed tourism (seaside : Djerba , Zarzis,and Sharian tourism). Services sector is now increasingly developing.

The main objectives of our University are: to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship, enhance the employability of our graduates and facilitate their integration, strengthen the interface university / companies. Developing skills is an essential preoccupation at Gabes University which is asking for creative and innovative students having skills such as: Problem identification and solving. Identification of socio-economic local needs, Capacity building.

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