Misurata Universiy

Founded in 1993, Misurata University is a public university situated in the Libyan northern city of Misurata, 200 km to the east of the capital Tripoli. It is one the largest universities in the country with a population of over 17,000 students, 1, 223 Teachers, 1,118 Teacher Assistant, and 1,460 staff members. The university is committed to providing equitable and inclusive quality education not only to the residents of Misurata city but also to knowledge seekers across the country. Misurata University has gained a reputable and prestigious stand with its rigorous degree programs. MU aspires to achieve and maintain our reputation as a nationally and internationally recognized educational institution of prestige and honour. All human beings have the right to knowledge and education. MU seeks to offer distinguished educational and research programs, observing the international standards of quality assurance in different fields of academia. The MU core values are Quality, Integrity and accountability, Transparency and credibility, Teamwork, Innovation, Collaboration with national and international institutions.

MU has continuously topped the Libyan universities rankings and was recently ranked the first in Libya according to the 2013 Webometrics Rankings. With more than 18 faculties, the university has the ability to offer a long list of courses comprising a world-class collection of study modules. From among their strategic objectives, highlight to cope with advances in the fields of science, technology, arts and business management as to best serve the interest of the local as well as the international communities; To design, activate and develop programs of scientific research and different studies which contribute to technological and scientific progress; To enhance scientific and cultural links, and relationships, and to share experience with other national and international scientific organizations and institutions; To empower and support teaching staff for higher levels of skills in order to improve educational processes.

The University aim to offer a balanced atmosphere to their students and staff in order to discover their potential and innovation. For instance, they hosted an International event (Start-up weekend) in 2014, as a chance for our students and staff to show up their innovations.

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