Alexandria University

Alexandria University is the second modern university in Egypt after Cairo University, and the oldest historically University where it was a part of the ancient Library. In 1952, it became “Alexandria University”. Since then, the University witnessed growth and expansion in several fields: the number of Faculties and high institutes increased to 22.

Recently, Alexandria University is working on the establishment of a branch in Juba, south of Sudan, and in N’djamena in Tchad. AU has about 176000 students, 9000 staff members and 18000 employees. AU developed more than 74 international cooperation agreements. Regarding the area of entrepreneurship and innovation, the Alexandria University counts with the Grants, Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre (GITTC) which consist of 4 offices:

  1. Grants and Outreach Office
  2. Technology Transfer Office
  3. Intellectual Property Office
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Office

Though this office, the institution is involved in the following activities:

  • Set up a new Joint master degree in Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Manage Innovation and Entrepreneurship for development project which is funded by GIZ
  • Organize Annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship day
  • Participate and manage several innovation competition
  •  Establish Innovation & Entrepreneurship centre in urban area

The university is involved in several innovation and entrepreneurship networks: Research, Development and Innovation Network; UNIMED and the World University Service of the Mediterranean Expertise of GITTC-AU regarding the innovation and Entrepreneurship:

2009, participation in Mediterranean Innovation Alliance, (MEDINNOALL) project funded under the framework of TEMPUS IV program. Aimed to: Establish a network to raise awareness of technology transfer and innovation in the Mediterranean countries, the establishment of centres of excellence for technology transfer and innovation in the universities, Development and implementation of services for technology & innovation audits, and Promotion of the innovation and knowledge transfer culture and dissemination within North-African HEIs and their economic environments

2010, participation in Education for sustainable development project funded under the framework of Tempus IV program. Aimed to promote the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in the Egyptian society, development of 225 activities in 5 main themes (or fields) in which ESD could be incorporated into the Egyptian curriculum, namely: Agriculture, Biodiversity, Energy Water, Our World, and the Establishment Centre of Excellence for Education for sustainable Development in the Egyptian Universities

2012, participation in Green Innovation & Entrepreneurship program project funded under the framework of Tempus V program, which aimed to develop a joint or at least double MSc program on “Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship – GIEP” in four different Egyptian universities, Create a whole new generation of green business and social entrepreneurs

2012, Participation in Green Energy for green company’s project funded under the framework of ENPI program, aimed to Reduce pollution based on using the renewable energy as main source of energy, the usage of renewable energy sources contributes to reduce gases and work to increase healthy environment, create a network of the Mediterranean basin using Green Gadgets.