Universite Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah

Since its creation in 1975, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA) has expanded significantly both in structure and number of establishments.
The university has a significant number of human resources: 1439 teachers and researchers from top level and more than 1120 administrative and technicians, supervising more than 98 000 students. Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University consists of twelve faculties and schools and a city of innovation. The university has 98 research laboratories and six centers of doctoral studies related to 20 lines of research.

All this gives Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University a special place in the academic map of the Moroccan Kingdom. Its mission is to provide education and support scientific research in the fields of technology, economics, social, legal and human sciences.

USMBA has, since its creation, supported the socioeconomic development of its region through the training of managers and skilled and specialized technicians.
USMBA is also the first University to host an Innovation City, which has as a mission to enhance entrepreneurial culture and innovation in Morocco. First of its kind in Morocco, it’s a technology platform currently being strengthened with the goal of implementation of certification, the innovation city of Fez can accommodate 20 projects simultaneously and incubation cycle of1 incubation, 5-2 years, and 10 spin-off technology companies in the nursery and business space. PhD students / young researchers, project managers, engineers and graduates innovative companies are particularly targeted.

The main mission of this structure is the training on entrepreneurship, patents, and develops and encourages innovative projects.

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